Wear Patterns

The wear patterns on your worn shoes can be helpful when shopping for new a new pair. Wear patterns can provide information on the fit and sizing of the shoe, your gait, and possible foot and ankle problems and deformities that are impacting the way you walk.

Here are some wear patterns to look for, as well as what they might mean:

  • Sole wear: Inner sole wear may indicate that you turn your foot inward when walking; outer sole wear may mean that you turn your foot outward when walking. Orthotics can help provide the necessary foot adjustments for these conditions. If the ball of the foot area is worn, it may reveal a problem with tight heel tendons.
  • Toe box wear: Indentations on the upper towards the end of the toe box area may indicate a toe deformity, such as hammertoes, or that the shoes are too small. Wear on the tip of the toe box may mean the front of the shoe sits too low. Wear on the side of the toe box in the big toe area may show a foot deformity, such as a bunion, or shoes that are too narrow.