Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity is a popular form of exercise for many people due to the positive health benefits it imparts. For example, aerobic exercise can improve heart, lung, and circulatory health; alleviate stress; encourage weight loss; improve stamina; and strengthen and tone muscles.

Despite the benefits of aerobic activities, the constant and repetitive impact of jumping, side-to-side movement, and pushing forward on hard surfaces can lead to foot and ankle injuries. Due to the stress on the feet, it is important to wear appropriate footwear while participating in aerobic exercise to reduce the chance of injury. Choose a sneaker specifically designed for the activity at hand. The sneaker should offer support for the arch, soles, and sides of the foot, as well as the right type of cushioning and shock absorption Remember, a running sneaker is designed differently than a sneaker for aerobics classes. For example, a shoe for aerobics classes accommodates for side-to-side motions, jumps, twists, and turns. A proper fit is also crucial, so be sure to bring along the actual socks you will wear during the aerobic activity when trying on new sneakers. Since the feet swell as the day goes on, it is best to try on new sneakers in the latter part of the day so they are not too small or tight.

It is also essential to keep the feet and ankles well-stretched and strong by performing specific ankle and foot exercises before and after aerobic activity.