Chilblains, an atypical response to cold temperatures, causes the formation of small, red bumps on the toes, fingers, nose, and/ or ears, the areas most susceptible to cold. Chilblains can also develop on other areas of the foot that are subjected to constant pressure. The bumps can swell and get worse, causing the affected skin to dry out and crack. The damaged skin can become blistered, ulcerated, and even infected. Those with poor circulation are more prone to chilblains. Chilblains can be chronic or acute.
Chilblains can be treated by keeping the body warm, particularly the areas usually affected by the condition. Skin with chilblains can be treated with antiseptic lotions to prevent infection, lanolin creams to maintain skin moisture, and calamine lotion to alleviate itching and discomfort (always consult a doctor before taking any type of medication). A doctor can properly diagnose the condition and treat any infections that develop.